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Critical illness insurance

With the continuous improvement of medical technology, people's quality of life and life span have improved, but diseases such as cancer, heart disease and stroke are still very common. Critical illness insurance can provide a lump sum of the entire insured amount when the insured is diagnosed with a critical illness. You can use this money to replace your income from work to pay off your mortgage and car loan, or to seek more advanced treatment options in other countries.

Canadian critical illness insurance

Canada's critical illness insurance takes into account different situations in life and gives you 100% benefit

  1. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from one of the 25 major diseases defined by the Canadian government in your life, such as cancer or heart disease, once it is confirmed that you meet the conditions, the full amount of the insured amount will be triggered, allowing you to recover with peace of mind.

  2. If you are lucky and have never suffered from these serious diseases in your life, you can cancel unconditionally and receive a 100% refund. You are essentially letting the insurance company bear your lifetime risk of illness “for free”



The most mainstream insurance company in Canada, with an average age of more than 100 years, giving you more peace of mind with your policy

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