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Tax Returns 

Tax Returns

2023 Tax Return in progress

*  We're a professional tax preparer(Efiler) registered with CRA 


Remote tax filing process

**Streamline your tax refund with our simple, secure online process

  1. Please submit your tax background info (password protected. Please contact to get the passcode) or send your tax background info to 

  2. We will contact you within 1-2 business days to provide a precise quote.

  3. Will send you the authorization request, and will start processing it once it's approved.

  4. Will provide a list of the other details that might help optimize the tax returns.

  5. Will review the tax return draft through phone or Zoom meeting.

  6. Adjust the final result accordingly.  

  7. You will confirm the final result and pay.

  8. We will submit the tax return to CRA and send you a copy of the tax return record.

Working Remotely
Filling Out Tax Form


* Fees are subject to GST/HST

Basic Tax

​If you only have 

​T4 / T5 / T4A(P) / T2202/

Non self-employee T4A/

Donation / Medical Expense


New immigrants
Foreign income          
Employee Expense
Moving Expense
Rental income(each unit)
Benefits Application


Self Employeed             
Foreign Properties            
Real Estate Transactions  ​​
GST for newcomers 
Non resident




Zalpha Financial Services Inc.

CRA Registered Efiler

CRA registered professional tax preparer

Canada Insurance Broker

Licensed Insurance Broker


​WeChat ID: johnny_zalpha

Office address

Metrotower II, 4720 Kingsway #2400, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2

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